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Taking Care of Anxiety

In this day and age there is an outbreak of mental issues, we see this because the physical side of health, the broken bones, the blood of an injury, have been studied for a much longer time. What a great time in history for physical illnesses as most are now treatable and understood. Mental illness is a much more difficult task, and it all start with anxiety. The anxious person feels constant pressure and fear in many different situations. Even those people that are pretty evenly balanced can find anxiety creeping into their lives at different times.

Dealing with this anxiety start on many different front. Make sure your physical health is up to a better standard, one where you feel healthy. This will help your mind deal with stress, a tired aching body can not provide a strong support for a healthy mind… and vice versa. Start by adding small 5-10 exercises to your day and work up from there, slowly and happily, where you feel comfortable. Next take away those things in your life that seem like unnecessary extras. You may find you have stretched yourself too thin, start to prioritize your responsibilities. See a doctor if your anxiety is causing a very difficult strain in your life, and you find yourself unable to function at a decent level. Finally, start meditating, you can begin your journey taking a look at how you can bring western thoughts and ideals and use eastern techniques to help you find and MAINTAIN your balance. Check out this Anxiety Centered Meditation Technique.

Meditation Tip

Do not be afraid to ask your subconscious mind questions before meditation

Life Thought

Your conscious mind is 10 imes as loud as your subconscious but only 1 /10th as powerful

Meditation Tip

Meditation is a habit and a process not an event. Continually make an effort to still your mind

Crystal Meditation Tip

Amethyst is a great gemstone to use during healing meditation. You can place it near or on your head for the added benefit energizing the crown chakra.

Meditation Tip

Do not forget to spend some time meditating with intent to manifest your thoughts.

Meditation Tip

Start to incorporate crystals into your daily meditations

Meditation Tip

Using a lit candle as a focal point will aid in keeping our mind clear and focused during meditation

Chakra Meditation Tip

Focus on your Root Chakra during meditation when you are feeling spacey and disconnected
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